Gemini AI is Coming Soon With The Pixel 9 Series

Gemini By Google


Google is reportedly planning to develop a new AI assistant called Pixie that will outperform Google Assistant and specifically handle offline failure situations.

Pixie will reportedly integrate Gemini Nano, a powerful large-scale language model that runs natively on Pixel devices and does not require an internet connection for certain tasks.

Pixie will reportedly mine data from Gmail and Maps to determine user preferences, and there are plans to bring Pixie to lower-cost Pixel A-series phones and Pixie Watches in the future. there is a possibility.


Tech giants around the world are getting into the AI ​​game, with Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft using their digital technologies to give each other an edge. Recently, Google launched Gemini, the latest and most powerful large-scale language model to shake up multimodal capabilities. This promises to dwarf everything you've ever seen. Gemini will be available in some form soon on Bard and Pixel 8 Pro, and will be integrated into other Google products soon. Now, a new report says that Google plans to harness the power of Gemini to create Pixie, a virtual assistant with more tricks than the regular Google Assistant.

Indeed, Google Assistant is the ultimate for his Android users and shows other digital assistants like Siri and Bixby how it works. However, according to The Information, Google is developing a new AI assistant called Pixie. It's a Pixel-only assistant that's meant to handle situations where Google Assistant isn't enough, especially offline situations.

Pixie Introduced in Pixel 9

The report, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter, says the AI ​​assistant could arrive next year on the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. This is in line with Google's promise to improve user experience with AI-powered tricks.

Pixie aims to learn all the usual assistant skills, but leaves out some new tricks that the existing AI can't keep up with. The same powerful Gemini Nano that’s already powering the Pixel 8 Pro will reportedly join the mix. Simplifying this functionality, Gemini runs natively on Pixel devices and does not require an internet connection to summarize recordings or trigger immediate responses. If that's true, it looks like Pixie could outperform Google Assistant.

The AI ​​that will emerge in the future will not be limited to just smart assistants. According to the report, Pixie will also look into your digital girlfriend life, sifting through data from your Gmail and Maps activity to discover your preferences. Officials did not disclose details, but did mention that they are rushing to introduce it to the low-priced Pixel A series and even Pixie Watch in the future.  Google is also said to be developing futuristic glasses that use AI to detect what catches your eye. If you need help with a math problem or want to know which end of the hammer to use, these glasses will probably give you some advice.

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